Client:Liven AS/Metro Capital Oü
Locaction:Tallinn, Estonia

Kristi Tuurmann
Katerina Veerde
Krista Kohv
Liis Saarnak
Viktoria Andrejeva
Mats Põllumaa
Aleksei Petrov
Mihkel Tüür
Ott Kadarik

Interior design:

Kadri Tamme
Liis Saarnak
Elin-Harriet Helemäe


Civen OÜ
Estkonsult OÜ
Toorprojekt Oü


Ülle Kunnus, Ekseeder Oü


Different clients organized two consequent competitions for the residential buildings at 15 and 21 Toom-Kuninga Street, Tallinn. We managed to win them both. The first proposal was made in 2015, the second one in 2016.
The apartment buildings at Toom-Kuninga street form an urban block in the Uus-Maailm neighbourhood. The well-observable location is next to an open space of the stadium from one side and 2-4 storied wooden residential houses from the other side. Toom-Kuninga Street has a characteristic terrain rising towards the National Library.
The design of the houses attempts to be very contextual. The volumes proposed by the detail-plan are divided into smaller units to connect to the surrounding scale. The articulation of the buildings is reinforced by different materials that establish a diverse habitation environment. The ground floor facing the street is meant for retail.

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